architecture poster layered PSD – Num3 (100x70CM)


What is the concern of architects when presenting work?

architecture poster layered psd – Architects have various concerns when presenting their work. These include ensuring that their design meets the client’s needs and preferences, adhering to building codes and regulations, and effectively communicating the design concept to stakeholders such as builders, engineers, and other professionals.

Strategy in design

They also aim to create presentations that are visually appealing, informative, and engaging to potential clients and investors. Additionally, architects are concerned with demonstrating their expertise, innovation, and creativity, while balancing practical considerations such as functionality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.


Architecture poster preview (3)

Architecture poster preview (3)

Architecture layered poster photoshop (PSD)

An architectural poster is a visual representation of a building, structure or urban design project. It typically combines schematic drawings, blueprints, elevations, and photographs with descriptive text, allowing viewers to understand the design concepts and details.

These posters are used by architects, urban planners, and designers to communicate their ideas to clients, investors, and the general public. They can also be used in exhibitions, competitions, and academic presentations to showcase innovative designs and ideas for the built environment.


architecture poster

Do it simple!

Just replace your architectural drawings, renders and ideas into sample files of posters.

Finally save and print!

All of the files designed in high resolution also they are optimized in large size.


  • File size: 49MB | Dimensions: 100*70 | File type: PSD

architecture poster layered psd template

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 70 cm

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